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The 4th of July is a big time around Cass County. When we lived at Cedar Creek, the 4th was non-stop fireworks and LOTS of friends and family. So many great memories! I never really realized how many people came from out of town into Cedar Creek to celebrate until we moved out of Cedar Creek! At our current house in Louisville, we have some neighbors over, we stuff ourselves silly with food and shoot off fireworks for a while. Then we all grab a chair and sit and watch cars as the mass exit from Cedar Creek occurs.

On our little corner of Koop and Walnut, there is traffic, but not a ton. Last night between the hours 10:00 and 11:00 there were 396 cars, two motorcycles and one Semi that turned our corner on their way to Highway 50! The highest volume in 10 minutes was 107 cars! We figure conservatively there were an average of 2 people in each car meaning approximately 792 people! It is interesting to count for just an hour, but after that you just get dizzy.

You can imagine that at least that number of cars headed East instead of West on Highway 66. And 10:00 is just the, “I have to work and really don’t want to leave people.” It doesn’t count the, “I just came for the cookout” people, the, “I hate to go, but I have to work early leave before the fireworks people”, the, “I planned to leave at 10:00, but I couldn’t stop talking” people and last but not least, “I was in no condition to go home, so I just spent the night” people. Cedar Creek is also a vacation destination, so there are quite a few that come in and stay for the week and they won’t be driving out until Sunday.

That is a lot of people escaping the big city to come to a way of life we get to experience every day! No matter where you live in Cass County, we have it good here. As my family and I prepare to move AGAIN, my friends and family from Omaha ask…why not just move here? I guess they think that maybe if we came back to Omaha, we would stop moving so much. Sometimes I think, yea, that would be better. There would be more shopping, more restaurants, more choices…more people, more traffic, more houses…there would also be a lot less. Nope, we are staying in Cass County. Our house is on the market, THOUSANDS of people drove by it this week and maybe one of them will be lucky enough to decide this is the place for them. School is just around the corner and we hope to be back to the good life in Plattsmouth by then.

I love it here in Cass County. I am looking forward to living back in Plattsmouth. We will be closer to friends, closer to school and church. There are a lot of things that have changed since we left eight or so years ago and a lot of things that have not. No matter how long you have been in Plattsmouth, tell me your favorite thing, a favorite story, a dream you have for your community. This marks the beginning of the community website which is under construction…be patient! It all starts by getting the community together, providing a forum for information and letting the world know what is great about our city. My family and I are on our way back, stay tuned for the journey. Be sure to send me any information you want to share about Plattsmouth community events, history, things that are good to know. Subscribe today and look forward to little bits every week or so. Hope you have a great day, and I look forward to hearing from you! Check out what’s happening in other Cass County communities by visiting


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