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Winter might be on its way for real. I think the weather is getting dangerously close to being done messing around with us. So this week we have some pictures, mainly from the businesses I went to visit in the cold. I would've dropped by more and done more pictures, but it was just an unpleasant, wet day and I was only bound to ruin my small, portable electronic arsenal.
Good Advice to Last a Lifetime
And brighten your holiday season! 
Presented by Edward Jones and Main Street Jewelers
Date: Thursday, November 29
Place 422 Main St. Plattsmouth, NE
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
For more information or to RSVP (space is limited), call:
(402) 296-0515 
Annual Hometown Holidays
Date: Friday, November 30
Time: 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Home for the Holidays in Weeping Water
Date: Nov. 30th - Dec. 2nd
Christmas Dinner Homes Tours
Date: Monday, December 03
Place: The Gappa River-Hill Cottage (310 2nd Ave.)
The Eyeman House (110 N. 11th Street)
The Olsen-Lorenzo House (609 Avenue C)
The Church Bungalow (1016 Main Street)
The Hudson-Parmele House (520 Avenue F)
Time: 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
 Price: Tickets - $10
Available in advance at C.M. Primitives (437 Main Street) or at the homes on the night of the tour
Sponsored by The Plattsmouth Conservancy
Open Hearts Kitchen
Date: Thursday, February 15, and every Thursday after that
Place: First United Methodist Church (702 Main Street)
Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Price: FREE
Menu: Soup, sandwiches, vegetables, fresh fruit, drinks, and dessert
Details: Is your family struggling to make ends meet? Do you have to skimp on meals or skip meals just to get by? If so, you are invited to the Open Hearts Kitchen. No questions asked, no judgements made, no lectures given, just good food and good fellowship
Raffle Tickets

Purchase your Elmwood Rescue Squad Tickets Today $20 a Ticket for a chance to win $100 a week for 52 chances to win for the Year of 2008. To Purchase Contact the Address Below:

Elmwood Rescue Raffle
P.O. Box 3
Elmwood Nebraska 68349
For More Infomation Call Ed Blunt at 994-3295 

It's nearly Thanksgiving! Is everyone excited? Whether you're staying at home or travelling around, and every eater that day alone to surrounded by many be thankful for what they have. Of course, if there happens to be a giant turkey in front of you... Hey, I'm just saying... It  wouldn't hurt to start eating it until neither you nor anyone around you could move, and then have some pie. Who could neglect the pie on Thanksgiving?
How do you celebrate? There's a lot of ways people do it depending on where they come from. My family tends to have two Thanksgivings, one for my mom's side of the family and the other for my dad's. The numbers mix over sometimes, but it guarantees two fantastic meals. We cook the one for my mom's side, so that means it will be a day of preparation before it in a dash to make sure everything is ready at just the right time. It will be cold this year, so we can look forward to having feasts at the ready.
In this particular issue, we have a miscelaneous set of photos. I went around to a few businesses to discuss the free web space and the like, but I was limited by the wet of the outdoors. I'll be doing this at least two more times, and anyone  who hears of it and wants information on it can just send me word at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
This week, I saw an honest to God tumbleweed in Louisville on the streets.
The Three Stooges seemed affected by the greyness of the day. See how they stare pensively out over the day from behind the sign of a diner which sadly did not stay in business.
A moment after this shot was taken,  Larry gota pie to the face.
CM Primitives had out their Christmas display. I stopped in there, and it smelled like warm maple syrup.
And then for my last stop, I went into Main Street Jewelers. This was a bad strategic move for me, because the store was packed wall to wall with the most absolutely beautiful shiny things I've ever beheld. They let me wander around the store like a bull in a china shop, trying to take pictures of all the pretty things around.
Inside a glass bowl...
Stained Glass flowers
Jewelry! Shiny and lovely.
This was a great little model of a covered wagon with a bucking cowboy.
They had out their Christmas wares as well. This photo was run through the Fresco filter of Photoshop.
And here we see this little fellow... Why is he not on a shiny base with other shiny things? I took him home. He was irresistable, and just plain adorable. His head opens up into a magnetic compartment. I couldn't resist his allure, so I bought him. That's what happens when you go into a place full of many splenderous objects. If you haven't stopped in lately, just have a look.