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Cruisin’ Main on Friday, October 4, rock and rolled to a good time on Friday night, October 4. There were at least 346 cars registered for the displays, but there were more cars that were not registered but on display.  My kids and I walked around for a long time, enjoying the weather and seeing friends.  And Terry Little (as always) did a great job playing dance music for everyone to enjoy.  This is a such a great event and just a perfect way to spend a fall evening in October.  Thank you to everyone who put this together-what a way to promote Plattsmouth.


Photo Courtesy, Pattijo Peterson/Plattsmouth Journal


Photo Courtesy Pattijo Peterson/Plattsmouth Journal

The Plattsmouth Public Library Speakeasy was filled with gangsters, dolls, and all other sorts looking for a good time on Friday, October 11th.   Between the live jazz trio playing dance and listening friendly music, the mystery hunt throughout the library with clues and treasures to be found, and the book discussion, there was plenty of fun to be had.

Approximately 40 people were in the library auditorium to enjoy good company and good conversations for the evening.  Many, many thanks to everyone who dressed in costume, (including Lois Lane who covered the event for The Daily Planet”), the many volunteers who helped to run a “clean” operation, and all the guests. Sam Spade also made an appearance to make sure his reputation was not tarnished too much.  Thanks also to Kari McCollum for donating the dessert cakes which were delicious. It was truly an amazing evening!

Congratulations to Rich Propst of Plattsmouth who won a spot in the Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii through their lottery system.  This was a huge honor as there were only 200 non professional athletes selected to compete in this event.  Rich finished with a time of 13:28:06 in the race held on Saturday, October 11. Way to go!

Also congratulations to Officer Leroy Lewis of the Plattsmouth Police Department who was recently chosen as 2008 Officer of the Year for the department.  Nominations from other officers mentioned his role as School Resource Officer and its importance to the department.  Officer Lewis also volunteers with the Plattsmouth Fire Department and Plattsmouth Rescue.

The First Presbyterian Church’s Annual Chicken Pie Supper is Thursday, October 16 from 4:45 pm to 7:00 pm with takeouts available.