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Happy Thanksgiving Week to everyone!

I asked some of my “regulars” at the library storytime to fill out these sheets and tell me what they were thankful for this year.   I have tallied their answers with some pictures below.  I would just like to say that even with the serious turn of the world events, my friends have reminded what is really of value in this world.  Family.    (Although I loved Drew’s answer of  desserts-boy after my own heart.)
Tyler and Grammy


Keith and Drew

Eddie and Ellie

Wall of Thanks @ the Library
Please note none of these kids mentioned Hannah Montana,  Lightning McQueen, or Nintendo.  I am so blessed to spend my days with these kids and share their wisdom-not to mention hugs.

“Colors”  by Bekah 

“Jesus, Mommy, Daddy, Micah, and Suckers.”  By Mila

“Cody, Nana, Friends.”   Caden

“Daddy Mommy (Cheryl)  Food I have to eat.”

“Being here”…. Keith who was born at 27 weeks

Mommie and Daddy.”   Tyler

“God and Jesus.”     Kaitlyn

“Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sisters.”    Parker

“Mom, Daddy, Nanny, All my Family.”    Ellie
“Family”           Eddie, Mary, Cody, Barb, Lauren, Annika
“Our cat, Harley and dog, Rex.”           Rebecca, Jackson,
“My brothers, the lake, and desserts.”    Drew

“Anything I can put in my mouth.”                     Steven  (age 1)

“Daddy”                                   Elena
"Mommy and Daddy and Aunt Ruthy.” Nicki

“Plattsmouth Library Patrons.”              Evis


Just a brief mention, Local author Evelyn Vinduska McKnight will be selling and signing books on Tuesday, December 2nd at the library from 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. upstairs.  Ms. McKnight is originally from Plattsmouth and currently lives in Fremont.  The book is titled, “A Never Event” and is based on the events regarding the Hepatitis C outbreak at the cancer clinic in Fremont.    Please stop in and hear her fascinating story.  Any questions, please call Barb at 296-4154.