A quick update from last week;  the PTO School Carnival was a huge success!  I talked to the volunteer coordinator who said it was a bigger turnout than last year and everyone had a great time.  Congratulations to everyone involved and many thanks to the volunteers, teachers, and parents who donated their time to make this a good time for everyone.

Saturday night, March 6th from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm is the monthly Teen Dance at the Plattsmouth Community Center.  $5 gets your 5th-8th grader the opportunity to play dodge ball, dance, basketball, and socialize with their friends.  Pizza and Hot Dogs will be available for $1.50 a piece but other snacks are included.  My daughter and friend went last month and had a blast.  It is well chaperoned and she is already looking forward to this week.

Sunday, March 7th is the Antique Appraisal at the Plattsmouth Public Library.  Tom Bassett of Bassett Appraisal in Lincoln NE will be at the library doing our version of "Antiques Roadshow"!   It is $15 for the first item you would like to have him look at, $10 for the second item.  $1.00 per person if you would like to observe the fun!   Light refreshments will be provided.   No registration is necessary.  Can't wait to see the family heirlooms, for more information please call the library at 296-4154.

The following is from Senator Dave Pankonin's office.  I really appreciate getting these updates by email, it is really helpful.

For Immediate Release: Protecting the Public's Health

February 26, 2010, Lincoln -In Nebraska there are more than 50 public health professions, whose members must hold a certificate or license in order to serve the citizens of our state. Before I became a member of the Legislature's Health and Human Services Committee, I did not know very much about this requirement. I want to share what I have learned with the hope that it will be of interest or help to you.

In 1985 the legislature passed LB 407 to create standards for regulating health professions in our state. The standards are described in our public health laws, and the process through which the standards are applied is known as the Credentialing Review (407) Program.

The Credentialing Review (407) Program serves an advisory role to the legislature and is designed to assess the need for state regulation of health professions. The 407 Program considers proposals for new credentialing and changes in scopes of practice for members of Nebraska's health professions. Scope of practice is a term used by state licensing boards to define the procedures, actions and processes that are allowed for a licensed individual. A scope of practice is limited to what the law allows for specific education, experience and demonstrated competency. Every state has public health laws, licensing bodies, regulations that describe requirements for education and training, and defined scopes of practice.

Proposals to create new credentials or change scopes of practice are known as "applications", and the persons or groups who submit proposals for review are referred to as "applicants" or "applicant groups". Public health criteria are used to evaluate each proposal to determine if it would benefit the public health and welfare.

The 407 Program has three stages, each of which is conducted by a different review body in a very specific order. The first review is conducted by an ad hoc technical review committee appointed by the director of the state's Division of Public Health. This ad hoc committee is assembled on a case-by-case basis as a need arises. Its members generally include someone from the "applicant" group, and other individuals who have some knowledge about the specific profession that is being reviewed. The report of the technical review committee is forwarded to the State Board of Health, which serves as the second-stage review body. The Board of Health has seventeen members, who are appointed by the governor with the consent of the legislature. Fourteen members are health professionals, one member is a hospital administrator and two members represent the public at-large. The governor is an ex officio member of the Board but can vote when it is necessary to break a tie. A review by the director of the state's Division of Public Health serves as the third and final stage of the process. The director's report includes his or her own opinions and recommendations, as well as reactions to the reports from the technical review committee and the State Board of Health.

The entire review process for each proposal is required, by law, to be completed within nine months. All of the reports created by the review process are submitted to the members of the Legislature's Health and Human Services Committee to assist in their review of any bills that might arise from credentialing review proposals. Only the action of the legislature can change the regulatory status of a profession, but the reports of the 407 Program are viewed as essential resources by the Committee. The reports represent expert evaluation of the possible public health and safety aspects of credentialing review proposals. Health professionals who seek new credentialing or a change in their scope of practice should know that the most important keys to success in the process may be the receipt of positive reports from all of the stages of the 407 Program.

I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to represent District 2 in the Nebraska Legislature.

We welcome your contacts by mail, phone or email.

Senator Dave Pankonin

                State Capitol

                PO Box 94604

                Lincoln, NE 68509

                (402) 471-2613

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Don't Forget-Girl Scout Cookies are being delivered this week so "Be Prepared" to pay for yours and enjoy them!  As a Girl Scout mom, thanks for everyone's support.

That's all for this week-have a good week everyone and I will see you around town!