Two summer meetings of the Western Feeders 4-H club have been held May 20, 2016 and July 6, 2016.

The Western Feeders met on May 20, 2016 at the Alvo Fire Barn at 6:30pm. Justin

Hennessy called the meeting to order and the Pledge of allegiance and 4-H pledge

were said. The roll was called and the secretary Mickayla Larsen read the minutes and

these were approved as read. The treasurer Trevor Brown did not get a chance to call

the bank but there is over $1,000 dollars in the club’s bank account. The News

Reporter, Olivia Cupp-Whiteman stated that the report of February’s meeting had been

sent to the Waverly Newspaper and the Plattsmouth Newsletter. The Sentinel, Conrad

Schroeder was not present but the club members promised to behave for the rest of the

meeting. Under the Old Business it was discussed that Food bank items were delivered

to Eagle Food bank and they were very grateful. Under New Business it was

announced that Goat and sheep Tagging was scheduled for June 11 th from 9 to 11am at

the Cass County Fairgrounds, several 4-H camps are being held and to look on-line to

see if you are interested in any of them. The registration of breeding animals (beef,

sheep, swine) are due June 1 st , 2016. All ID sheet can be found online. The tagging of

swine will be done by the 4-H leader and Purebred registration papers will need to be

shown at check-in. All swine are required to have premise ID and to get a premise ID

you can call 1-800- 572-2437. There will be a Quality Assurance Session May 23 rd from

5:30 to 6:30 at the Extension office where you can preregister or you can do the 3

online modules which need to be done by June 1 st . The add or drop project deadlines

are June 15 th . Fair dates were discussed: Cass County Fair- August 9-13; State Fair-

Aug 26-Sept 5; Aksarben- Sept 22-25. It was moved by Trevor Brown to give the 4-H

Western Feeders Scholarship of $100 dollars to outgoing senior Justin Hennessy. This

was seconded by Mickayla Larsen and approved by the club. Oliva Cupp-Whiteman

moved to adjourn the meeting and Twinkie and Little Debbie snacks and water were

enjoyed by the club members and parents. The club members enjoyed a rousing game

of Pie in the Face!

The Western Feeders 4-H Club met on July 6, 2016 at 7pm outside the Alvo Fire barn.

Because it was hot the snack of ice cream bars were handed out to members so they

could enjoy before they melted and each member and parent enjoyed the refreshing

snack. Justin Hennessy, President called the meeting to order and the Pledge of

Allegiance and 4-H pledge were said. The roll call was answered by stating your favorite

color (purple and pink seemed to be the largest favorites). The secretary Mickayla

Larsen read the minutes from the previous meeting and these were approved as read.

The treasurer, Trevor Brown reported that there is $1,115.22 in the Western Feeders 4-

H account. The News Reporter Olivia Cupp-Whiteman reported the she would write up

both summer meetings and put them in the Waverly paper and Plattsmouth newsletter.

The sentinel, Conrad Schroeder said that everyone so far was good at the meeting and

to keep it up. The president, Justin said that the old business was that they were still

collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House and that club members could bring

them at any meeting. Also goat ear tagging was held Saturday the 11 th of June and

Olivia Cupp-Whiteman stated that she had gotten her goat tagged and ready for the fair.

The Cass county fair dates were again announced August 9-13 and the Theme this

year is “Hay Day at the Fair”. All club members were encouraged to go and watch each

other show livestock and be their cheering section. Also look at the static exhibits and

see what their 4-H club members have entered. The New Business was the pre-entries

(livestock) for the Cass Country Fair which are due July 15 th . Pre-entries for the State

Fair are due August 8 th . Members brought their donations for a community service

project to fill 4 backpacks to donate to local schools. Members decided that one

backpack full of school supplies would be donated to: Eagle Elementary, Hamlow

Elementary, Waverly Intermediate and Waverly Middle schools. There was discussion

about donating to the Alvo Fire barn for their car show. Olivia Cupp-Whiteman moved

and Trevor Brown seconded the motion to donate $30.00 to the Alvo Car show. The

next meeting will be held at the Cass County Fair either before the parade on Saturday

or Friday during the beef show. Trevor Brown moved to adjourn the meeting which was

passed and members divided the school supplies and stuffed the backpacks. The

members then played an intense game of electric tag and finished off the ice cream


Olivia Cupp-Whiteman

Western Feeders 4-H Club News Reporter







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Did you know that St. John the Baptist School is the only private Pre-K-8 school in Cass County that is open to ALL?  
A great story as our great county prepares for growth! 
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NOMINATE A LORD/LADY:  The Korn Klub is is accepting nominations for Lords & Ladies for the 2016 Plattsmouth Harvest Festival.  To nominate someone, please submit (email) nominee’s name and phone number, along with a brief recommendation/reason on the nominee, plus your name and phone number to one of the following:  Cindy Dougherty (for Ladies) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Chad Aaron (for Lords) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

WEB SITE HELP:  The Korn Klub is looking for someone to take over and maintain the Festival web site (  If interested, or for more details, please contact Terry Little at 402-296-4170.

KORN KLUB MEETING: The next meeting to discuss and plan the Plattsmouth Harvest Festival is on Thursday, July 21, starting at 7PM, at Plattsmouth State Bank Community Room (upstairs).  The meeting is open to the public. 

The dates for this year's Plattsmouth Harvest Festival: September 8-11, 2016. The theme is: "85 Years of Harvest Memories".







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