PL mainstreet flags

The Annual Kass Kounty King Korn Karnival was a mixture of old and new this year. Some new events were added, some events were combined, and some were unfortunately cancelled.  But the yumburgers were tasty, the crowds were fun, and overall it was just a great way to celebrate being in Cass County.  Even if you didn’t make it to the Band Parents Stand, several of the churches, the VFW, and the standard Carnival fare offered plenty of delicious ways to enjoy the Karnival. 

Cragin Missak and Danny Conaway enjoying my favorite treat, a yumburger.
(photo courtesy Pattijo Peterson, Plattsmouth Journal)   


Zane and Ezra Reed at St. Paul’s for lunch.
(photo courtesy Pattijo Peterson, Plattsmouth Journal)

The downpour of rain Thursday night drenched the streets but not the enthusiam of the crowd who attended the Kornation in the Plattsmouth High School Auditorium.  King Neil Lancaster received a standing ovation when he was announced and was obviously touched by the reception. Queen Kylie Parshall, (whose mom and I worked together at Goodrich Dairy in high school! ) looked so pretty and gave a very gracious speech thanking everyone.

Terry Little’s popular Kaffeehaus was held in the library auditorium this year on their stage.  A wide variety of performers kept the audience entertained-this was the first year at the library-we look forward to many years of partnership.

The Old Krusty Minstrels
(photo courtesy of Pattijo Peterson, Plattsmouth Journal)

Saturday afternoon, my children and I were among the many people strolling downtown to enjoy the antique cars, carnival rides, and the party atmosphere. The weather was perfect!  What a great way to spend the day, seeing our friends and neighbors downtown.

Saturday night’s parade was combined with the Farmer’s and Merchant’s parade which made for a big parade with lots of spectators!  The sidewalks were packed and it was good to see so many people turn out for the parade.  I love the marching bands, what a treat to have not only the Plattsmouth bands but also Conestoga’s band!

Photo Courtesy
Pattijo Peterson, Plattsmouth Journal


One of the many “clowns” in town for the
evening….photo courtesy Stephen Hunt


My favorite, the marching band.
Plattsmouth Middle School
Photo courtesy, Stephen Hunt.


Overall, it was good year and I am already looking forward to next year!