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The Library is hosting a PASTERIES WITH POTTER PARTY

Saturday Morning at 9:00 a.m.

July 21 st

Put on your favorite Harry Potter Costume and here a reading of the first chapter of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”

I can't Wait!


Saturday, July 28 th

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How does one day turn into one week?  Time is just flying by!  It has been so hot outside that doing anything is exhausting.  We did manage to cool off this week in the local pool.  I just can't relax when five kids going in five different directions.  I must have counted to FIVE a THOUSAND times!  It was a great time (for them) and the water was cool and refreshing.  This week was a trial run for getting up for the school year.  With three of the kids in summer camp we have been up and out the door in record time with just a little yelling…ok, a lot.  Just a warning to you parents…school is starting in just a month!

What to do around town until then…you tell me?  What is your favorite activity in Plattsmouth, what exciting local events are you getting ready for.  What do you remember as being a fun time in the past?  This hot weather is also an important opportunity to take care of others in your community by checking on your neighbors and most importantly, the elderly.  Don't assume they have someone taking care of them or don't want to be bothered…this kind of heat can be deadly.  Be sure and take care of yourself too!

Still living between two cities.

Angie Krejci, Editor

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